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> Hi!

Howdy! I’m Douglas Dwight Simpson, or simply Doug, the heart of Invested Coach. I started this coaching/consulting business because I see so many small businesses struggling to stay above water, much less in the black.

Contrary, to what many may think, owning and operating your own business is not an easy task. Yes, there are those who look prosperous and carefree. Some truly are, and others hide behind pride, fear, or stubbornness to not give up the ship.

> Brief Background

I began selling donuts door to door at the age of eleven, sacking and stocking groceries at thirteen, ordering and maintaining 1/3 of a dime store at 16, assistant manager at 19, and store manager at 20.

This was followed by 17 years in mass retail management with top companies of the field. Then 10 years in advertising & media. 

Starting and selling three small businesses brought on new experiences, trials, and learning.

> Where I am today

Most of the time in my career I have been left on my own to make decisions that made me a hero or a zero. Late in my management career for others I pondered a dilemma – I could continue to trust my survival to another on their terms, or I could venture out on my own.

The solution was to do both. It worked well for me and allows me now to dedicate my efforts to helping others succeed.


Pay Attention here please!

Coach vs Consultant

 Invested Coaching means we have a vested interest in all our clients success. The more you succeed, the more we celebrate. We act as a partner, yet leave you with all the benefits.

Invested Coach Doug Simpson…
• starts with an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to develop a program tailored to your needs.
• discovers who you are, what you want to achieve, and when.
• moves step by step to reinforce the foundations of your business leadership.
• lays out a business plan that includes market research, competition, branding, strategies, and much more.
• stays with you as long or as short a time as you need to gain the momentum you seek.

 Doug is prepared to help your small business prosper. He is not a “woo woo” coach. He will help get you motivated, organized, and excited about your business, but will not hold your hand or do yoga with you. Well, yoga maybe.

 Are we a consultant?

 We both coach and consult. That means we do what we need to do to get you and your business working together to produce your dreams. Mind you, we will define those dreams first!

 In other words, give us a shot, and we will give you a shot at a more prosperous and enjoyable future. 



What We Do Best


What, when, where & why you are in business. Vision, mission, business plan, timelines, etc.


Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Personal Branding and Business Branding to sell more services..


Research, competition, product or service demand, segmentation.

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