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Standard doesn’t fit everyone. The number of sessions, length of coaching,  and type of package will and should be tailored to your needs as determined with consultation. Pricing is based on individual circumstances, needs, and desired results. 

Covid-19 Special Offer For Denison Texas

Due to the unprecedented circumstances small business faces today, Invested Coach has decided to offer free consulting & coaching to qualifying businesses in Denison Texas. 

In reopening of our economy, focusing on the most essential area of a business’ operation is critical to the survival of our business community. We are now in a different environment than we have ever experienced. We cannot simply open our doors and business will resume as it was before. We will be heavily influenced by the changes that have been made during the shutdown and pandemic. This will change how we do business now and probably forever.

Our name, Invested Coach, means we consider ourselves to have a stake in the small business community and in the individual businesses we work with. We are especially committed to seeing our local business community survive and prosper. Douglas has owned and operated multiple businesses in Denison and Grayson County over the last several decades as well as managed businesses for major retailers. He has deep roots in the Texoma area. He has been blessed with time and resources to make this offer during this strange and tense time in our country.

If you as a Denison Texas business owner feel you need and can benefit from our services, please use our contact form to give us as much information as can about your business. We will get back to you promptly by email, text, or phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between consulting and coaching?

The truth is, the difference depends on the coach, or the consultant. It varies by individuals who call themselves coaches and consultants. Here are some differences, from our way of doing things…

Coaches ask more than they tell. Good consultants do ask questions, usually gathering infornation for their formulas. A good coach is just naturally curious. This is one of the things that makes coaching work. We prefer coaching to pure “formulas for success.” We not only want to know what you do, but how, why, and when you do it. You may have it 90% right but are missing a critical key that a consultant can’t fix, but you can with a little nudge.

A Consultant’s expertise is usually the main thing they share with clients. Expertise is important,  and sometimes it’s exactly what you need.. By following their curiosity and the curiosity of their clients, coaches not only get to the what, when, where, and how, they also get to what you want, and why.Then they can share expertise in a customized and targeted manner, providing exactly what you need when tyou need it.

Consultants often do a lot of measuring and testing. They then have metrics to share and specific recommendations about what to do. A coach digs into the meaning behind the raw data. Sometimes you need a coach and sometimes you need a consultant.

Consulting is mostly a “left-brained” activity. It’s about taking linear steps toward a specific goal. Coaching is predominately “right-brained”. It’s about growth and evolution. We like to use the whole brain!

Consultants usually offer training to their clients. So do coaches.

The truth is, most consultants do a little coaching and most coaches do some consulting. 

At Invested Coach, we do both!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Unlike a lot of Consultants or Coaches I don’t have long-term contracts. I love it when clients are able to see results sooner than expected and prefer to give people tools they can use to keep moving forward after they have finished working with me.

There is no set amount. Every situation is different.

Can We Speak Before I Commit?

Absolutely! That is why we offer a free consultation. It is important that we are comfortable with each other and each knows what the other wants to accomplish. It’s possible we are not the right coach for you. But, I bet we are!

What If We Finish Before All Paid Sessions are Used?

1. You can bank the sessions in case you need a followup later.

2. You can donate them to a business friend. 

3. You can get a pro rata refund.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Monthly payment for Coaching is due prior to the commencement of agreed coaching. Under exceptional circumstances I will do what I can to accommodate anybody that has difficulty with this.

All major forms of payment are accepted. If you book a course of sessions and you are not completely satisfied and wanting to continue after the first session, I will offer a 100% refund including that session.

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